Information about your Debt

The information contained in this website does not include interest or legal fees unpaid or pending to be set in the legal process. Therefore, the receipts obtained in this Website certify the payment made and the decrease in the outstanding balance, but in no case those receipts represent a debt cancellation document. To obtain a payment letter, please call us and we will be keen to assist you.

Likewise, if any of your debts is being revised by our attorneys, or in a confirmation process with the assignors, or if they refer to minors or  persons over 80 years old, they will not be shown in this Website. You can call us and we will clarify any of your doubts and we will also confirm you if any of your debts are affected by the abovementioned situations.

Information about your Credit or Debit Card

For the purpose of ordering the payment of the debts using this service, you will have to register the information of the credit or debit card with which you wish to make the payment. This information is protected by an HTTPS security system that prevents access by third parties, so PRA Iberia, SLU (hereinafter PRA), as data controller, is not liable in the event that third parties not authorized by you make use of the numbers of your credit or debit card to order the payment of debts. PRA does not save or store in its systems the information referred to your credit or debit card. These data are sent directly by you to the payment gateway company that is responsible for sending the data to the issuing bank for processing. Therefore, PRA is not responsible for any damage, computer attack or security of information systems that are not of their own. PRA will assume that the information provided by you is true, so it is not responsible if the information is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete.
Likewise, the debit or credit card used for payment is securely stored for your payment services by PRA’s Payments Service Provider, which complies with the highest levels of PCI security to store such information. This will allow subsequent payments to be made on your credit or debit card; they will be charged directly with no need to register it again. In case the card is cancelled or expired, please contact us to update this information.